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If the website loads to a login screen (or if the login section is on the home page), you can skip this step. Press ⌘ command + u (mac) or control + u (pc) to open the website's source code. This displays the html source code of the current page in a new tab. Press ⌘ command + f (mac) or control + f (pc). Html web page example 1. This is an example of a simple html web page that shows the profile of a professional camel. The container is a div element with the class container. Changing the image url. To acquire the url of the image, you would need to upload your picture to an image hosting site such as flickr, google photo, facebook, or any image hosting site you have in mind. Click the mouse icon in the upper left corner and then click gmail. To do so, click the mouse icon on the upper left corner of the inspect panel. This selects an element in the page to inspect it. Replace gmail with mediummail in the html. This will automatically highlight the element in the html. Contact the legit organization or entity the url claims to be from. Never click a link with a typo or a misspelled word. Make sure your computer/browser software is up to date. Countdown to a specific date. Create a countdown clock for a web site with the code found at computer hope. Insert a custom date into the code to make the display count down to a specific date. Be sure to change the date in the bold to your custom date. Use these html generators to generate html code for your website or blog. Create a whole html page with this html generator. Generate dummy text for your website design or other projects. Uses lorem ipsum — the commonly used placeholder text used to demonstrate the graphic elements of a document or. Welcome to fake website buster, a scam website checker for exposing unsafe websites that pose dangers to users such as fraud, phishing and more. I’m james greening and i review websites to help you avoid shopping scams, investment scams, job scams, recovery scams and many others. If the website you are looking for is not listed, get in touch. Whether you are planning to make a fake website for security reasons or got inspired by a design, these fake website templates will come in handy for you. The clean layout and the elementor page builder will help you recreate any website within minutes.