TellTheBell Survey – Taco Bell Customer Survey [Win $500] 🌮

Taco Bell’s TellTheBell invites you to the world’s most popular feedback survey, which aims to improve the quality of Taco Bell Restaurant and the experience of its customers.

Are you Regular Taco Bell Customer? If yes, then come forward to participate in this TellTheBell Customer Survey and get a chance to win a $500 cash prize by answering simple questions about your experience in the restaurant.

TellTheBell Customer Satisfaction Survey
TellTheBell Customer Satisfaction Survey

With the help of such customer satisfaction surveys, Taco Bell and many other restaurants chain can maintain their position as one of the best fast-food chains through service and quality of food they provide.

Points to be covered in this Article

  • What is survey price
  • Rules of Survey
  • How to participate in the survey
  • How to increase chances of survey winning
  • Total Number of prizes
  • Survey entry period
  • Who can participate
  • How winners get notified
  • How many entries per person and family

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What is Taco Bell

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Here, we’ll guide you on TellTheBell Customer Satisfaction Survey and how you can get a chance to win a $500 cash prize as well as a discount coupon from the Taco Bell. If you are eager to participate in this survey, then this blog provides a comprehensive guide to participate & complete the TellThBell Survey in such a smooth way.

But before we start and get information about this customer survey program, let’s get some basic overview of its organizer Taco Bell, which is one of the biggest food chains in the USA & Canada.

About Taco Bell Restaurant

Taco Bell is America based food chain, especially famous for its fast food recipes. The restaurant is founded by Glen Bell on 21 March 1962. Current headquarter of Taco Bell is located at 1 Glen Bell Way, Irvine; California.

Taco Bell - Biggest Food Chain in the USA & India
Taco Bell – Biggest Food Chain in the USA & India

Taco Bell Restaurant serves foods such as tacos, burritos, nachos, quesadillas plus innovation, and other special items. Since Taco Bell launch in the form of a restaurant, it has expanded into a vast chain, serving more than 2 billion customers in 7000+ restaurants.

Since it serves many different backgrounds, societies, and lots of customers in the country, Taco Bell is cautious about its services & products, and always tries to satisfy its customers.

Meals may be correct, but other factors such as the behaviour of the employees, how long they wait for their food (time is an essential factor as it is called fast food restaurant), other factors should be taken.

If you want to know more about Taco Bell kindly visit this Wikipedia Page.

Want to see what people are saying about TellTheBell Survey?

Check TellTheBell Customer Feedback now.

TellTheBell Customer Satisfaction Survey

What is TellTheBell Survey?

TellTheBell is a customer satisfaction survey organized and managed by the world’s largest food chain network Taco Bell. The Company made this survey publicly open with some rules and regulations. Anyone from the USA and Canada can participate in this survey and get the chance to win $500 Cash Price.

The core reason behind this survey is to understand the obtain public review about the restaurant, it’s food, and services to make initial changes to provide better service and experience to the customers.

TellTheBell Survey Quick Details
Survey Winner Prize $500 cash – Free Tacos – Free Discount Coupons
Survey Entry Period 1 Time Per Person/Per Entry
Number Prize per Lucky Draw 4 Prizes/Per Entry Period
Official Sweepstakes Name TellTheBell Survey
Participation Methods Online Entry – Send Post to the Mailbox

Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey offers an opportunity to provide feedback and recommendations about the quality of customer care centers, services, foods, and such other components besides receiving incredible cash awards to the customers.

How to join TellTheBell Survey
How to join TellTheBell Survey

After completing a brief Taco Bell survey, during the promotion period, a weekly prize of $500 will be given to a lucky winner, and the winner will be selected from the pool of entry of the sweepstakes.

Getting Excited to Participate in Taco Bell Survey?

Join Taco Bell Survey

The Taco Bell survey has been specifically designed to get customers feedback, and as a result, they have been provided with the best and rich food experience.

Key points of the survey

Following points are the main focus in TellTheBell Survey

  • Food quality
  • Food temperature and taste
  • Overall satisfaction with the most recent travel.
  • Employee Friendliness
  • Order accuracy
  • Cleanliness of the restaurant and the environment

Basic Questions of Taco Bell Survey

There are some basic questions which you need to answer in this survey. Most of these questions are co-related with the key points of this survey, which I already listed above.

Here are some of the most common questions.

  • What is your opinion about food quality
  • Do you like customer service?
  • Have you noticed any disturbance in the restaurant?
  • Do you like food?
  • Is the restaurant clean enough?

Check This: If you want to know more about Questions you need to answer in TellTheBell Survey.

TellTheBell Survey Rewards

The FOUR winners will be randomly selected in this sweepstakes. Therefore, you have more than one chance to win in this lucky draw. If you are one of those lucky winners, then you are contacted by telephone, and the rewards will be sent to the mailing address given by you at the time of Participation.

NOTE:- Each winner will get $500 via check on their registered name.

You can double-check the lucky winner’s details under TellTheBell Winner Section.

Rules for TellTheBell Feedback Survey

Before joining TellTheBell Customer Survey you must have to follow below rules :

  • Must be Citizen & Legal Residents of the USA & Canada.
  • Anyone below 18 Years can not participate in the Survey.
  • Employees, officers, directors and all other people who are working with/for Taco Bell Corporation are not eligible to participate in TellTheBell Sweepstakes.
  • No Purchase required to Participate in Taco Bell Customer Survey.
  • Winner Prize can not be replaced, transferred, or exchanged.
  • Only 1 prize per house allowed in each entry period.
  • Only 1 entry per person is allowed.

Requirements for joining TellTheBell Customer Feedback Survey

You must have to fulfill the below requirements to participate in Tell The Bell Survey

  • Need mobile/computer/laptop with a reliable Internet Connection.
  • Basic understanding of the English language.
  • Most recent purchase receipt of Taco Bell Restaurant.
  • 16 Digit Survey code is given on the Taco Bell receipt.

TellTheBell Survey Entry Methods

There are 2 ways to participate in the Taco Bell Survey. You can choose one which is most suitable for you.

Here is the list of all these 2 different methods along with a brief description.

  • Online check-in: Users can be a part of sweepstakes by completing the TellTheBell Survey available at The 16-digit access code provided on the receipt from Taco Bell Restaurant is necessary to enter the TellThe Bell survey form to complete the participation process.
  • Enter by mail-in: Users can participate in the sweepstakes with the opportunity to win fantastic cash prizes by sending handwritten letters, including important information like name, age, full address, and phone number on 3*5 inch paper. They can send it to Taco Bell Mailing Address.

So, which one is the most suitable way for you to take part in Tell The Bell Customer Feedback Survey?

Choose an option from below button to get step by step guide to participate in TellTheBell Customer Satisfaction Survey.

How to participate in TellTheBell Survey online using  

How to take part in the Taco Bell Customer Survey using the Mail-in method  

TellTheBell Survey Entry Period

Details of TellTheBell Survey Entry period is given below. All interested candidates must have to complete their participation process within the given timeline.

  • Survey Start date: June 30, 2018.
  • Survey End Date: June 29, 2019

The draw will be held in the first ten days of the next month, and a random winner will be selected from all sweepstakes entries.

Taco Bell Survey winners Announcement Process

Once the survey has been completed successfully, Taco Bell will announce the name of the winners and notified them.

Here are the ways how winners get announced and notifies.

  1. Winner’s will be announced on their official website
  2. Send mail and phone message to the winner of the survey

Why not check the TellTheBell Survey Winners list? We know you might be one of these lucky winners!

TellTheBell Winners List

How to participate in TellTheBell Customer Survey

Now after reading a complete overview of TellTheBell Survey and it’s organizer Taco Bell if you’re interested in joining TellTheBell Survey then here at we have prepared Step By Step Guide To Participate in Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey – TellTheBell, which makes whole survey process buttery smooth for you.

In this guide we have mentioned all the different ways to take part in this survey along with steps & live screenshots, so you can complete the survey in just minutes.

How to Participate in TellTheBell Survey?

NOTE:- Make sure to complete every step given in the guide to take part in TellTheBell Survey. If you have any doubts about the listed methods, then kindly contact us so our support team will help you to complete your registration quickly.

More information about Taco Bell

Contact Details

If you are looking for the Taco Bell Customer Support Contact details OR need any kind of help related to the Taco Bell, then here is the official contact details of Taco Bell.

Taco Bell Phone Number: (800) 822-6235

Taco Bell Official Mailing Address:

Taco Bell Corporation,
1 Glen Bell Way,
Irvine, California 92618,
United States.

Taco Bell Customer feedback collected from TellTheBell Survey

As we already mentioned above in this article “Taco Bell is also famous for its best class customer service”. And thanks to TellTheBell Survey, by which they keep improving it day by day.

Here we have listed some customer reviews which are taken from the Internet.

Great place for a quick bite and very affordable too. I often go out of my when near Breda to eat here. The food is very tasty and flavourfull + you get it quick. Fast food means fast food here. Would love to see a taco bell in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Utrecht.

– joris de boris @ Taco Bell Breda

They were nice and the guy at counter Mr. Ahmed I guess, he is so friendly. Nachos were a bit disappointing but I loved the burrito 🙂 🙂 Clean, customer friendly and nice seating options. Loved it 🙂

– pretzel stories @ Taco Bell Eindhoven

Perfect price/amount/quality ratio. I heard they were going to close, which would be a shame. Only downside this place has is a limited choice of beverages.

– Jason Schouwenaars @ Taco Bell Tilburg

Want to read some more customer reviews about Taco Bell?

Check What People Says about Taco Bell?

Some helpful resources

Taco bell Social Media Handles

If you want to be updated about every moment of Taco Bell then do follow Taco Bell on Social Media. Here are the official Social Media Profiles of Taco Bell.

Taco Bell Official Mobile Application

Taco Bell Contact Line

Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope that this article gives you the necessary information about TellTheBell Survey and Taco Bell, which you’re looking for. But if you’re still facing any issue with TellTheBell Survey, then please feel free to leave your questions via the comment box or contact us. Our support member will get back to you within 24 hours.

Important Disclaimer: This website isn’t associated with official TellTheBell Survey or Taco Bell in any way and is just intended for information purposes. Please visit the official site for more detailed information.

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  1. I have never been to the Taco Bell in Newport, tn 37821 where they have gotten my order right. They evidently can’t read or hear. I usually don’t complain but my goodness. I get 30 minutes for lunch and get mine to go and can’t go back to get it replaced do I pick off what they messed up or eat what they gave me. I have had a big order at times for family and get it to go and I live 45 minutes from the Taco Bell so cant take it back. Guess I will find another place to eat from now on.

  2. Very Nice Content…

    Thanks to you guys I got the easiest way to participate in this survey and even I won the second prize of the survey.

    Keep posting useful stuff and share it with others… Also try to publish more about other customer surveys as well.

  3. Hi I just started eating breakfast at your Taco Bell in Visalia Ca. This was On the way from my town in Dinuba Ca. to Exeter Ca. (The town where my businesses is located). I stop by the Visalia Taco Bell on the way four days in a row and I was pleasantly
    surprised on the help I got from your drive-through personal. They help me select a good breakfast on your menu and customize one meal for me because it was Friday during lent season. I just wish I knew the names So I could let you know who they are.

  4. I love to eat Taco Bell. It is a quick and easy meal for my Family for a meal out or in a hurry and if they make a mistake they will make another one for you.

  5. After going through at least eight screens, I still don’t know how to take the survey or where to go to take the survey.
    Is this a joke? I go to the site to take a survey and have to traipse through a million words. Keep your $500. I have better
    things to do than going in circles. Extremely poor marketing director. Bet he/she likes long meetings, too.

  6. These survey is gettin harder by the year just to get to one.. Willing to take the survey & with also leaving a comment about a crew member but I can’t .

  7. Its been a while since I had taco bell… I wanted to try your 5 dollar boxes… I really enjoyed the different items in the box…a little more sour cream on the taco would be nice..

  8. We stopped at the Taco Bell in Chester, VA, right off of I-295. I was pleased with the friendliness, the efficient manner in which our order was taken and the fulfillment of our order was quick. I would recommend this location to visit.

  9. I go to taco bell at least 4 times a week.My family loves the food and drinks.I have been going to taco bell for years and years.
    I have never gotten the wrong order or bad service ever.Like so many other places that I have gone seem to either be rude or your order is completely messed up.I love Taco Bell for the very best service and very great food.

  10. I have never encountered a Taco Bell employee that caused me grief or displeasure when taking an order. Every employee I have been served by has gone above and beyond to please. They are always courteous, pleasant and efficient. They make Taco Bell an experience to look forward t

  11. I could not believe how efficient and safety awareness Taco Bell located in Nesconset, NY was. I went there for lunch on 5/1/20.
    I was about the 6th car on line for the drive thru, I was in and out of there in 3 minutes. Couldn’t believe it. Everything was non-
    touch, wearing masks and gloves and the attitude of the window person was very friendly and outgoing. It is nice to see this during
    this crazy pandemic. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

  12. I always go to this particular Taco Bell close to my home I’ve had great service I’ve had good food very clean the people at the window are fantastic and I would recommend this particular store to everyone

  13. Taco Bell 029666 has disappointed me twice. On 5/22/20 and today 5/28/20. On 22nd I ordered a soft taco. It was placed in the bag wrong. When I reached in to get the taco everything slid out into the bottom of the bag. I wasn’t given a receipt so I could have told you of the issue. Today the 28th I ordered a me Mexican Pizza and they didn’t give me a fork or receipt. I had to go back through the drive in and wait to get the fork and receipt.

  14. well we go to taco bell often, sometimes they get the order right some times they don’t, when they make it right it is good, they really need to tech the workers to do the best they can do,

  15. Dear Taco Bell

    Traveling on interstate 5 in CA stoped at Taco Bell #026655 ordered my usual what once was a #8 combo, 3 regular crunchy Tacos and an additional bean burrito, the total was $11.03. Thought it was high, the cashier said it was correct.
    Today I had in Atascadero CA, no receipt, looked for it hard but could not find it ( did not get one) just the now #1 with regular crunchy tacos it was $6.97 including tax. I saw the price for a bean burrito $1.49 on the display in Atascadero.

    The #026655 store charged me $7.29 for my regular tacos not supreme and $2.99 for my bean burrito making with tax $0.75 a total of $11.03.

    Like a lady commented above time is valuable and to drive back and try to get the order corrected is just not worth the trouble. Now I am on to the new menu and the two different prices for the different tacos and will catch it.

    Thank you

  16. if I want my food order changed I can do that without any problem and you ARE just about the only eating place that has
    ZAERO pepsi that is the only thing I drink

  17. Daughter was in town and we decided to get food from Taco Bell on 23rd and May here in Oklahoma City. We pulled in drive thru, got fast efficient service. Order was correct and food was still warm when got back to the apartment. Even my granddaughter enjoyed eating part of her great Mema’s nacho lol.

    Mark Baudendistel

  18. I so enjoy Taco Bell. It is the place where I purchase my favorite “comfort foods.” When I have had a hard and/or stressful day I stop by Taco Bell and pick up two Soft Taco Supremes or a Taco Pizza. I am a very senior citizen and also appreciate the discount I receive when I ask. Thank you for keeping the wonderful taste and prices as well.

  19. Love taco bell but last to trip to the Wayland, MI location the put a tea spoon full of meat in my tacos ate them and moved on. Today i order the same three soft taco supremes kindly ask the order taker to please add the correct amount og meat like the photos in their advertisements. Np he said. Well 2 tacos with a teaspoon of meat 3rd even less. So disappointed and no mgr just three young kids.

  20. We stopped in at Taco Bell on 200 in Ocala Fl. Marcelle was very nice and helpful. The restaurant was very clean, will stop again.

  21. The taco bell in Sun valley nv really needs to get it together every time they forget part of my order very bad service . Why are you removing so many good AFFORDABLE items most likely to replace with more costly items . We are in a pandemic and economic crunch right now if anything YOU should lower prices and offer things that KIDS WILL eat do the right thing for humanity or is that just to much to ask

  22. I will drive all the way from the south side of Chicago just to come to Taco Bell located 4523 W Northavenue. Food is always on point, hot and fresh. Which is hard to get from certain Taco Bell locations these days. Also, the customer service is a added bonus. Especially, Lala the drive thru window cashier. She is so customer service friendly. She always says hello how are you first before taking the order and repeats your order to you to assure it’s correct. She also tells you to have a good day and enjoy your meal. That’s what I love. All of those ladies do a great a job.

  23. I went to the Taco Bell in Franklin NC and got great customer service! The cashier Amy was very polite and provided good service to me. It was a really clean store

  24. Marcelle is always very helpful every visit to store number: 031840. She should be rewarded for excellent service and hospitality.

  25. The wait was good, the food was good and the price was great … The place was clean and great customer service

  26. Taco Bell is really good place… Joshua Adams was very polite and helpful..he was friendly and respectful.. we well be coming back..

  27. Unable to take the survey because I’m unable to get to the webpage to take the survey just a mom I’m trying and trying and it goes whoops 404 it’s trying to tell me it’s not my fault I’m just trying to get to take the survey

  28. Well if I don’t have to make a purchase, how do I talk to someone? The crew at TB kept on saying they could not help me? The only way to order by Credit card was to use the one kiosk. It would not let me enter my email for a receipt.

  29. My husband & I love the taco bell in our neighborhood. Food is always fresh and enjoyable. And what a wonderful staff!!. Everyone is so pleasant and helpful. And I just wanted to say thank you to everyone at store number 033347. 🙂

  30. The food is Always fresh Nd Employee’s are Very nice n Respectful Me and my husband wants to say thanks

  31. Scottsburg.Indiana, taco bell, a young man named Braxton at the drive thru window, always very curtious and polite, does a great job with customer service!

  32. The Taco Bell on the North side (021103) of town in Rochester, MN is my favorite. In the 10+ years I’ve been going here (usually the drive thru) I’ve never has a order messed up. This past time 2/28/2021the young man at the window (Alex) was exceptionally polite and we had a nice conversation while waiting for the food to come out. The staff there are great and do a wonderful job for the company. I wish that during this Covid outbreak our world is going thru that Taco Bell and other drive thru restaurants would have a round up to the next dollar program that would be split amongst the staff who I feel are so well deserved! I would gladly round up and feel many more customers would also knowing it’s going to those working so hard in the restaurant that serve us. Also benefitting our economy with the coin shortage.

  33. Jackie was most courteous and friendly………cheese on Bell Grande was too spicy but portion was very good and affordably, Would come back again just for Jackie’s’ service I am not sure I entered enough info………kind of overkill in info department.
    Survey Code: 203-****-****-3106
    1094 Concord Parkway N
    Concord, NC 28027
    order 306900
    order # 400



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