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TelltheBell Survey: Taco Bell is the most famous and well-known restaurant in the USA. From some time, Taco Bell is collecting feedbacks and reviews from the consumers and allows joining in its Customer Satisfaction Survey known as TellTheBell Survey.

As a promotional part of this TellTheBell Customer Satisfaction Survey, they are giving $500 Cash Prize and Rewards to the lucky participant who participated in this Survey.

Taco Bell is well known for it’s the best class, “tell the bell customer service” and tasty food dishes, including Nachos, Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Taco, Soft Taco, Bean Burrito, and Crunchy Taco. Before a few months, Taco Bell Restaurant is giving an instant $500 Cash Prize to the lucky participant of this Survey, but because of some issues, they replaced it with $500 rewards.

What is TellTheBell Survey?
What is TellTheBell Survey?

TellTheBell Survey – A Customer Survey by Taco Bell

Have you taken part in TellTheBell Survey? If no, then this post is for you guys. Here I mentioned all the necessary things you need to know before participating in the Taco Bell Customer Survey. You can also find the step by step instructions on “How to Participate in TellTheBell Customer Survey?“.

But before we proceed and grab more information about Tell The Bell Survey, It’s essential to look over at its various customer survey programs across the globe.

Taco Bell is running the Customer Survey in various countries with different-different names. So here is the list of all the TellTheBell Survey Programs Names.

  • TellTheBell UK
  • TellTheBellCanada
  • TellTheBell Guam
  • TellTheBell Español

So now, you know all the different names of Taco Bell Survey Programs for various counties.

And the very first thing we need to know about this Customer Satisfaction Survey is Who can participate in the Survey?

Who can Join TellTheBell Survey?

The process for participating in the survey is straightforward. And here are a few crucial points you need to know before Applying for TellTheBell Application and Taking Part into the Taco Bell Customer Service Survey.

Note: This guide is only for TellTheBell USA Survey.

Tell The Bell Survey by Taco Bell
Tell The Bell Survey by Taco Bell
  • Participator must be the citizen of USA
    • If you want to participate in the Taco Bell Consumer Survey using USA Restaurant receipt, then you must have legal citizenship of the United States of America. If you’re a non-american person, then you can not be able to join the Survey.
  • Minimum 18 Years or above
    • The Person who wants to participate in the Survey must have a minimum age of 18 Years or more. If you’re below 18 years, then register into the survey with the name of your Parents, Care Taker or Guardian.
  • Must be able to speak, read and write English or Spanish
    • Language is a significant concern of the Taco Bell Survey. Participator must have good knowledge of English or Spanish Language; otherwise, you can not enter the survey!
    • Official Taco Bell Survey contains queries in the English Language. Still, Taco Bell also provides you another version of Survey Form in the Spanish Language, So if you’re are the non-English speaker then you can also try to fill it in Spanish. And that’s why they are allowing only those users who are familiar with English or Spanish.
  • Only one Participation per Person
    • Taco Bell put the limit on many participation per person. So, if you already participated in the survey and won the prize, then you can not be able to participate in the survey again!

I hope you get qualify with the above points. And if I’m right, then here is one more qualification test for you… I am talking about TellTheBell Rules. Yes, it is a very important thing to check.

Important TellTheBell Rules

Rules are the very common and most important thing for any survey or work. So here at the Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey, there are some predefined rules, which you must have to follow for participating in the www tellthebell com survey. TellTheBell rules are as follows.

Rules of TellTheBell Customer Survey
Rules of TellTheBell Customer Survey
  • The Survey is only for the legal Citizen of the USA and the District of Colombia.
  • Participant must be 18 years old or above
  • Employees, Officers, and Directors of Taco Bell or TellTheBell Survey are not eligible for this Survey. Even their family members are also not eligible for participation.
  • Users must require Taco Bell Restaurant Bill or Receipt to participate in the TellTheBell Survey.
  • Only 4 lucky tell the bell winners selected from a particular Entry Period.
  • Participant must have to wait for 1 week or more time for the final results.
  • Given Prize or Reward is not transferable.
  • Only one person allowed from a single household to win a prize in every Entry Period.
  • Users can participate only one time per entry period.

I hope you also get qualified with all the above rules of TellTheBell. But this is not ending. Users must have to get qualified with one more step. This is not anything else but the Requirements for Taco Bell Customer Survey.

Taco Bell Customer Survey Requirement

  • Participants must need a Computer or Mobile with a reliable Internet Connection.
  • Good grip over English or Spanish Language.
  • Last Bill or Receipt of Taco Bell Restaurant.
  • 16 Digit survey code printed on the Restaurant Bill or Taco Bell Receipt.

Finally. If you qualified with all the above conditions, rules, and requirements, then congratulations. You are entirely eligible to participate in the Tell The Bell Customer Survey. So now, it’s time to proceed forward to join in TellTheBell Survey.

Thinking about Taco Bell Prizes? I know many of you guys having this common question. What can we get as Winning Prize from the Survey? So here is

Tell The Bell Winners Prize

The prize is the most exciting thing. So, here is the list of all rewards that you can win from the Survey as Tell The Bell Winners.

  • Free Pepsi
  • $500 Cash Prize
  • Reward to Redeem
  • Redeemable Coupons
  • Free Taco Dish

I think now you know all the necessary things about this survey. I know there are many more things you would like to know. But we’ll discuss all of these things later in this article. But first of all, it’s time to join the survey. So without wasting our time, let’s get Participate in the Survey.

So there are

2 methods for participating in the TellTheBell Survey:

  • Participate Online
    • This is the most common and easiest method of joining in the Taco Bell Survey. In this method, we will take the help of the Taco Bell Official Survey website for taking part in the Survey.
    • Here in this method, the user needs to access TellTheBell Website. And enter it’s 16f Digital Alphanumeric Survey Code printed on the Taco Bell Receipt.
    • We have given the step by step guide to participate later in this article or visit Join Taco Bell Survey.
  • Participate using Mail
    • If you are not more familiar with the Internet, then here is one more way to participate in the Tell The Bell Survey. This method is a little bit handy.
    • In this method, we need to send the Handwritten application including Name, Age, Address, and Mobile Number on 3*5″ blank paper, and then send it to the Following Taco Bell Address:
      • Taco Bell Customer Survey Sweepstakes,
        P. O. Box 6047, Dep’t. 39421,
        Douglas, AZ, 85655.

Now you know how you can participate in the Tell The Bell Survey. And here is one more thing which can be helpful to you guys in the future.

Taco Bell Customer Survey
Taco Bell Customer Survey

TellTheBell Survey Questions

Now when you are ready to join the survey, you must have to be prepared for the questions which you are going to face in the Survey. Here are the common questions which you need to answer in the Sweepstakes Survey.

  • Rate Order Accuracy.
  • Rate of Food Quality.
  • How was your recent visit?
  • Rate the overall environment of the Restaurant.
  • How was the Food?
  • Rate the Restaurant Staff Service and behavior.
  • Rate overall Cleanliness.

How Tell The Bell Winners Announcement

TellTheBell selects the 4 lucky winners from each entry period. But they announce the names of those lucky winners.

So here are the 3 ways by which they announce names of those 4 Lucky winners.

  1. Announce the name of TellTheBell Winners on their Official Social Channels.
  2.  Send a personal message and notify each winner personally.
  3. If you still not conform then check this link to see the list of Lucky Winners
    Check Lucky Winners

Now the essential thing to win a $500 Prize is here…

How to participate in TellTheBell Survey? (Step by Step Guide)

Now I think you know everything about TellTheBell. So it’s time to continue towards the Registration. I am talking about the Participation,

But how you can participate in this survey?

Here I have given the step by step guide to participating in Taco Bell Survey. (Follow the listed pints to complete your registration process)

  • For taking part in this survey, you must have to visit the Taco Bell Restaurant to collect the Bill or Receipt.
  • Now in that receipt or Bill, you found one 16 Digit Survey Code.
  • Browse the Official Website of Tell The Bell Survey in your Computer or Mobile.
    Click to visit TellTheBell Website
  • Now enter that 16 Digital Survey Code on the Website.
  • You are not sure about where to find survey code in receipt; then click on the above button. Here they give a sample for that.
  • After filling your Survey code, you need to enter 6 Digit Store Number as well as Date and Time of your last visit.
  • And in the end, you need to answer some easy survey questions based on your experience at Taco Bell Restaurant. (You’ll found those questions above in this Article)
  • Sometimes you also need to answer the questions related to food and unique dishes of Taco Bell.
  • Finally, you have to confirm your entry by entering some information like First Name, Last Name, and Phone Number.
  • But make sure you can only take part one time per Entry Period; if you try to participate multiple times, then you get disqualified from the survey.
  • Wooowwww. You just completed the Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey. Now you can see the Thank You page.

Here is one infographic which shows an easy step by step process to participate in TellTheBell Survey.

How to Participate in TellTheBell Customer Survey?
How to Participate in TellTheBell Customer Survey?

So, here you reserved your sheet for the Taco Bell Customer Survey. And put yourself in the line of Lucky Winners.

How to check TellTheBell Winners Name?

As you are already done your participation process. So now the Taco Bell team will take at least a week to select final winners. In standard cases, they will notify you personally over the mail and phone number if you won the Contest. But here are some other ways to conform to the lucky winner’s names.

  • Check the Tell The Bell Official Website
  • Contact on their Contact Details: Click here to get Taco Bell Contact Details.

Here is some more information about Taco Bell Survey, which may help you to win $500 Cash Rewards or Gift Prizes from Taco Bell Survey.

Tell The Bell Customer Survey Contact

If you are looking for the Taco Bell Contact Details, then here is the official TellThe Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey contact details.

  1. Taco Bell Head Office: Irvine, Cali CA-92618, United States
  2. Customer Care Helpline: 1800-822-6235 (United States)
  3. Corporate Contact Number: 1949-863-4500
  4. Click here to get Taco Bell Official Contact Details

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